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What is dear to us. 

The environment and local economic development is of great importance to us. We believe that our main responsibility is to create high quality items that are true to our contemporary aesthetic, and are produced responsibly at all levels of the production cycle. Our pieces are Made-To-Wear to create minimal waste and reduce unnecessary overproduction and overconsumption. Each piece is made especially for you.

Our materials: Some of our materials are produced in local mills and others are surplus fabrics sourced from local suppliers. 

Our Suppliers: We work with a handful of small factories and suppliers that believe in transparency and are committed to fair working conditions. Garment workers are the heartbeat of our production line from concept to execution.

Our Operations: We consider deeply the ethical, social and environmental impact of our operations. From our decisions at top management level to their effect on the worker at factory level. 

Our commitment: To be a socially responsible brand that is environmentally conscious and contributes positively towards building an industry with fair labour practices and empowered workers.